About Micki (that’s me)

Micki Sannar comes from a long line of great cooks and has been reading, writing, developing, and cooking delicious meals for family, friends, and cooking students for over 25 years. She believes that food tastes best when it is shared with others.


Over the past six years, Micki has been baking exclusively with olive oil, creating delicious healthy desserts that are good for your heart, your health, and your family.


Micki wants everyone to experience the pleasure of sinking their teeth into a mouthwatering healthy dessert.  She loves to teach how to do this without sacrificing taste or texture. Her recipes strike the perfect balance between wholesome food and delicious taste. Micki has developed techniques for implementing grains and substituting olive oil for unhealthy trans-fats and hydrogenated oils in dessert baking. Her tasty treats will satisfy even the pickiest of eaters.

As an Instructor of Nutritional Cuisine, Micki has taught cooking classes while living in Japan and throughout the United States. She has appeared on both television and radio. Her olive oil dessert recipes have appeared in various publications, both in the U.S. and internationally.

Micki lives in Highland, Utah with her husband, and four children. She is currently working on a bachelor’s degree in holistic nutrition.



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