The Proper Care and Storage of your Olive Oil –

Olive oil is your friend and must not be treated like all other oils. Olive oil can be fragile, yet well worth the effort to keep it fresh. After cooking or baking with your well preserved olive oil, you won’t regret taking a little extra time to keep it fresh.

Olive oil producers all over the globe are well aware that is that once olive oil is produced, it must be packaged immediately to avoid oxidization (exposure to air). When olive oil is exposed to air and light, it begins to become rancid.  If you have ever tasted rancid olive oil, it is a taste you will not soon forget. For this reason, fresh pressed olive oil is  bottled right a way, and stored in a dark glass container or metal tin.

Olive oil which is stored in unopened tins will remain fresh for up to 5 years.

If you are planning on using  your opened olive oil within 3 months, it is acceptable to store it in  an airtight container, away from light, and at room temperature.

You may also store your olive oil in the refrigerator. However, please note that sedimentation occurs at temperatures lower than 37 degrees Fahrenheit, and your olive oil will begin to harden (it looks like little clouds). However, it does disappear when the oil returns to room temperature.

Freezing olive oil works well and does not destroy the healthy benefits associated with it. However, be sure and use some of your oil before freezing because expansion may cause your olive oil bottle to crack (or your tin to bulge). When ready to use, place on the counter and bring back to room temperature, it’s just that simple.

It is important to check the “best before” or “bottled on” date on your olive oil label.
Unlike a fine wine, the quality of olive oil does not improve with time. Use your fresh pressed oil within 6 months.

Therefore, you see…. storing your olive oil is simple and fun! Enjoy using olive oil in all of your cooking and baking; it will make your heart smile!!!


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